Web Design and Development

Web design simply put, involve all the skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. 

The different aspects of web design include graphic design; user interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design.

Our web design and development service include; 

  1. Corporate Website Design
  2. Marketing Website Design
  3. Responsive Web Design
  4. Educational Management Portal
  5. Personal Website
  6. eCommerce Web Development
  7. Custom Web Application Development
  8. Blog Design
  9. Forum Development
  10. Classified Ads
  11. Online Community website design
  12. and more.

Our professionals will help you in the process of getting your website up and running. Our design strategies are outlined below;

  1. We begin by getting your business and processing needs; 
  2. We then proceed by understanding and analyzing these needs, 
  3. We prepare a design document for you base on the requirement and analysis decision which will be used during next phases. 
  4. We do not stop at preparing the design document; we proceed by implementing the design into source code through coding.
  5. You do not need to worry as we have experts who are so passionate about helping your business maintain its prestigious reputation in the global world.

Security Strategies

We take into account many security considerations, such as data entry error checking through forms, filtering output, and encryption. 

Our design experts make sure that malicious practices such as SQL injection are not executed by users. We in our design ensure that scripts that can exploit websites by granting unauthorized access to malicious users that try to collect information such as email addresses, passwords and protected content like credit card numbers are all prevented.

We understand that the security of site is dependent on the server environment on which the scripting language, such as ASP, JSP, PHP, Python, Perl or Ruby is running, and therefore is not necessarily down to the web designer themselves alone to maintain. 

In this regard, we perform stringent testing of web applications before public release to prevent such malicious exploits from occurring. Our contact forms include a reCAPTCHA field in them which prevents computer programs from automatically filling forms and also mail spamming.

We understand that, keeping a web server safe from intrusion is very important, that is why we choose reliable and fast web servers for hosting our websites. 

There are many technologies that come into play to keep information on the internet safe when it is transmitted from one location to another. For instance TLS certificates (or "SSL certificates") are issued by certificate authorities to help prevent internet fraud. Our developers often employ different forms of encryption when transmitting and storing sensitive information. Our understanding of information technology security is one of the things that make us the best web design company.

It is important to understand that new security holes are found in web applications even after testing and launch, as such, security patch updates are frequent for widely used applications. 

Our system maintenance strategy and plan include;

    • All the activities such as phone support or physical on-site support for users that is required once the system is being deployed.
    • Implementation of the changes that the website might undergo over a period of time, or implementation of any new requirements after the website is deployed online.
    • Handling of the residual errors and resolving any issues that may exist in the website even after the testing phase.
    • Maintenance and support may be needed for a longer time for large websites and for a short time for smaller websites as the case may be.

Our web designers have an awareness of usability and are up to date with web accessibility guidelines.

Your website is crafted using the latest available technologies. Due to the responsiveness of our design, your website maintains its beautiful look across all devices be it desktop or mobile devices.

What are you waiting for! Why don’t you allow us to help you manage your next project! Start a project now!  

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